Four Barriers To Create A Kindle Book – And How To Overcome Them And Get Your eBook Out For Sale

Maybe you want to create a Kindle book, but something is stopping you. After you’ve read this article, you’ll know some of the most common barriers that will keep people away from creating a Kindle eBook, and how to overcome them. Find Amazon Account For Sale

First barrier: It’s only for well-established authors.

If you believe that creating a Kindle book is only for established authors, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Everybody can do it. It just takes a customer account with Amazon, and you can start publishing your own eBook.

Second barrier: It’s next to impossible to create the right format for the Kindle reader.

Amazon uses their own format for their Kindle books. However, this doesn’t mean that you need special software to create this format.

Good news! You can use a normal word processing programme to write your book with, and then save as HTML, when you’re done. If you use illustrations in your book, remember to save those pictures in a folder, and zip both folder and files, before you upload them to Amazon.

Or you could do something really smart like creating your HTML file right away with a programme like KompoZer, which is free to use. It’s just as easy to write your text directly in KompoZer as it would be to use a word processor.

Third barrier: I don’t have a Kindle.

Don’t let not having a Kindle of your own be a stumbling block. You don’t need one to create a Kindle book.

Interestingly, your readers don’t even need one to read your book.

You can download a Kindle reader to a Windows PC, a Mac, or even to some mobile phones, and iPads.

However, when you upload your files to Amazon, you get the chance to watch a Kindle preview. Check, how your formatting looks, and make the necessary changes, if any.